Where are you located?

  • The Maritime Park is located at 725 Front St. in the heart of historic downtown Georgetown, S.C.  See map here.

When can I view the property?

  • Please contact Atlantis Property Management at 843-833-5377 or fill our form on our contact page.  They will be happy to show you the Park site at your convenience.

Do you supply the tent?

  • No, you are responsible for renting a tent that suits your needs. See resource page for preferred vendors list.

How do I reserve the facility?

  • Atlantis Property Management  handles all reservations for the hall and can be reached at 843-833-5377. 
  • You may want to check the calendar for availability first.

Can we rent the venue for just one day on the weekend?

  • The rental rate is the same whether you use the park one day on the weekend or all weekend long. Rental period is from Friday 9:30 am to Sunday noon. All rental equipment and tents must be removed from property no later than 10am Monday morning.

What is the maximum occupancy?

  • The cement slab foundation measures 48' x 118'. The largest tent that fits on the cement slab can accommodate up to 400 people. It is perfect venue for all types of events, weddings, parties, dinners and meetings. 

Is there on-site parking?

  • No but, there is a public parking lot 1-1/2 blocks away and there is plenty of parking on adjacent side streets.

Do you have tables and chairs?

  •  No.  Check the resources page for other local sources for tables and chairs.

Do you provide food and beverage service?

  • We do not offer food and beverage service.  The venue is a fee based event space which gives you the freedom to choose the caterer for your event.   Please refer to our resources page for a list of recommended caterers. 

Are you handicap accessible?

  • Yes.

Will anybody be there to meet us on arrival?

  • Yes, you will receive a brief orientation of the space and the key to the gates.

Can we have live music?

  • Yes. All music must cease at 11pm due to the City noise ordinance.

Can I bring my own liquor?

  • Yes, you may bring your own alcohol, however you must hire a licensed and bonded bar tending service to serve any alcoholic beverages.  This provided not only quality service for your guests but more importantly helps your personal liability associated with alcohol consumption.

Are there any limitations to decorating?

  • Yes, the following is a list of items that we do not allow: 
  1. Glitter
  2. Candles that aren't drip free wax candles
  3. See Terms and Conditions for more information.

Who is responsible for cleanup and trash?

  • We expect to get the venue back in the same condition you received it outside of basic cleaning and sanitation.  Caterers must remove all plates and glassware, trash, and any food after the event.  Rental Equipment and Tents must be removed before 10am on Monday. Click to see all Terms and Conditions and Lease Contract.